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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Split?

Split is an application that enhances the experience of dividing a group bill, fairly. It gives you the ability to appropriately allocate items to each individual, without having to do any math in your head :)

Is it easy to use?

Yes! 1. Snap a photo of the bill 2. Match each person with the items they ordered 3. Pay your fair share.


How will my friends know how much they owe / are owed?

Before finalizing your Split, you'll see a breakdown of how much each person owes or is owed. Once the Split is complete, your friends will receive a text, notifying them of the amount they owe/are owed and to/from whom.


Will the Split app help me save money?

Each time you use Split, we'll calculate how much you have saved through splitting a bill by item vs. how much you would have spent by splitting the bill evenly. Over time, you'll see this amount grow in your Split History.


Can I upload a picture of the bill that was previously captured?

You sure can. We understand that you may want to use Split at a time after the group event has ended. To do so, select the image icon at the bottom left corner of the capture screen, and you'll be able to upload your photo.


What if after taking a picture of the bill, an item is missing or incorrectly showing on Split?

Although rare, an item may show incorrectly on The Bill section. For scenarios like this, you have the ability to manually enter or edit an item.


If the missing item is a mandated-charge (such as a Health Surcharge), we recommend adding it as an Additional Charge, within the sub-total and total section of The Bill breakdown.

What if an item was shared?

When an item is shared by multiple people, you have the ability to apply each person to that specific item. You also have the option to select the "Was shared at the table" option to apply the cost to everyone involved. 


Do you have an Android app?

At the moment, Split is only available for iOS (iPhone).


Don't see your question answered in the FAQ?

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